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Confume Squid in Black Bean - 3N

Confume Squid in Black Bean - 3N
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Confume Squid in Black Bean - 3N


1) Mix the desired amount of the 1st dose and the 2nd dose by a ratio of 1:1 and put it in a mixing container. Mix well with the enclosed dyeing comb.

2) While dividing the hairs with the comb, apply the mixed cream to areas with more grey or white hair and move on to areas with fewer such hairs.

3) For the areas near the roots of hair or where coating is difficult, use the brush on the other side of the comb and apply taking care not to contact the scalp.

SIZE: 60G+60G+40G


  • Worry-free from allergies with No PPD prescription!
  • P-phenylenediamine, which has a higher allergy occurrence, is not used. So the product is milder and has a lesser chance of allergic reactions than that of other hair dyes.
  • Protect scalp with no ammonia low stimulation & black bean extracts!
  • As irritating ammonia is not used, the product has minimized its stimulation to the scalp and eyes. Also, by using the natural materials of black bean, calendula and Chamomile extracts, it protects the scalp and hair and maintains healthy hair after dyeing.
  • Reinforced sustaining power of dyeing with color lock system!
  • The color can be sustained for a long time after dyeing with the ‘Color Lock System’, a special technology created to strengthen the sustaining power of dyeing, and liberate you from the trouble of frequent dyeing.
  • Strong protection with vitamins C & E!
  • Vitamin C and vitamin E give a long-lasting clear coloring of the hair dye, and the powerful antioxidant function of the vitamins also prevent discoloring by protecting the hair from ultraviolet rays.

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